Sean Goodman

Brill event see ya's next year 4 sure.

Sean Goodman

Bob McCoubrey

Well done on another great day.

Bob McCoubrey

Denise Toner

Well done u!! Creatin such a popular event,x

Denise Toner

Helen Sexton

Well done to all involved was a great race first time for me but def be back nxt yr I loved it x

Helen Sexton

Selena Mussen

Everyone I've spoken to has praised the fantastic organisation and execution of the event.

Big congrats to everyone!

Selena Mussen

John Hanna

Just gettin round to say how much I enjoyed the GR8 Run it was really well organised and everyone at Murlough Ac was very friencly and approachable the course was a lot harder than I expected the scenery on the beach was great but tough going, the wooden decking in the sand dunes was a welcome sight and somewhere you could start to pick the speed up the marshalls done a great job, and it was good to see the chipped timing. Enjoyed the tea and craic in the hall afterwards and hope to get back next year. CHEERS!

John Hanna

John Trainor, M35, Belfast

Thanks for the run yesterday. It was a great experience and well co-ordinated. Can’t wait untill next year.

John Trainor

Ivan Shannon, Downpatrick

Hi Carol,

Just a note to say how much I enjoyed the race yesterday. The organisation was excellent even down to the weather! Well done to all involved.

Ivan Shannon

Barbara Foster, Murlough AC

Just to say a big thank you to all involved in today’s run it was great. Although I was last in, or there abouts, it is a personal achievement which I wouldn’t have been able to do without the clubs support and campaign in May. Could you pass this on to Paul and Nigel and anyone else involved in helping us beginners! Thanks again.

Barbara Foster

Bridgeen Torrens, Murlough AC

I would totally agree with Barbara. you all have offered "us beginners" great encouragement and support and a big thank you to you all...and You All deserve an applaud for yesterday...what a fab day

Bridgeen Torrens

Chris McLoughlin, Saul GAC

Hi Carol,

Firstly can I congratulate you and the club on yesterdays success. It was a GR8 day. Thankyou for distributing our flyers the club appreciate it. Regards,

Chris McLoughlin

James Magennis, East Down AC

Hi all at Murlough AC.

Just did the Dundrum run today. It was fantastic,you had all the bases covered,marshals,route was excellent,hospitality second to none. Take a bow.

James Magennis

Annette King , Newry(No 130)

Hello Carol,

Many congratulations on a very well organised and well run race today. The route matched the weather both were fantastic. It was well marshalled with friendly and encouraging marshalls, not forgetting the very young marshalls (kids) they were just brilliant, clapping and cheering you on, a credit to their parents and organisers. I entered the run with my son Niall I intended walking it but was surprised that I was the only walker/come jogger and I came LAST. But I’m proud of myself and even more proud of my son Niall who finished in 65 minutes. I’l be there again next year please God but do encourage walkers come joggers because it is a great day and such a beautiful route. This is a little constructive criticism the water station should have been earlier – 4 mile marker. Well done to everyone involved you all deserve a medal for the work that you have put into it.

Annette King

Andy Payne, Club Secretary

Hi Carol,

I would just like to say thanks to you and your team for putting on a well organised event. I know only too well just how much work goes into making an event a success, many people just don’t realise the amount of “backround” work that happens prior to the main event. Thanks again for a great race and we’ll be back in numbers next year.

Andy Payne

Joe McCann, Newcastle AC

Hi Elbow Triathlon Club,

Hi Carol,

Great event yesterday. You can be very proud of the achievement and of the efforts of your clubmates.

Joe McCann

Joy McAleer, Up & Runners Belfast

Thanks, This was a gr8t event! When’s next years race date?

Joy McAleer

Joanne Symington, Dundrum

Just a quick note to say well done to all those involved in organising the first ever great dundrum run. Obviously a lot of time and effort went into organising such a fantastic event and what a day it turned out to be.

Joanne Symington

David Elliott, Craigavon

Well Done to all the organisers,

The run was a welcome change to some of the others that are out there. I noticed the card in the run pack regarding the photos of the run to be posted on this website, is there any time frame as to when this is going to happen? thanks again for a great day…

David Elliott

Paula D’Arcy, Saintfield.

Hi there,

Thank you for a fabulous run out today. It was brill. When will pics and results be up?

Paula D’Arcy

Michael McKnight, Carryduff


Race was great-organisation and marshalling top notch almost perfect- only one complaint not enough water stops
yours in sport.

Michael McKnight

Dave Stewart, Murlough AC

Hi Carol,

Congratulations on a fantastic event well done to you, the organising committee and everyone who helped out. What a bonus to get such great weather. Is there a problem with the results? When will they be published?



Donal McAteer

Just a word of thanks for the effort and organisation that went into the GR8 run today.

Donal McAteer

Paul Anderson, Banbridge AC

Really enjoyed the race today. It was well organised and well marshalled, will be back next year.

Paul Anderson

Colin Leonard, Belfast

Simply fantastic event, great craic, great route and great organisation. Cant wait for next years multi surface road race!!

Colin Leonard

Robert Lyle, Bangor.


Just a short note to thank you and congratulate you for an excellent event. I really enjoyed the event and hopefully it might kick-start a bit more running on my part. The crowd were very friendly and encouraging. Once again thanks for such a great Run.

Robert Lyle

Sean Mullan

A very well organised and enjoyable event Carol. Many thanks to all those involved in making it happen.


Sean Mullan


Yes Marguerite,

It was a great day. You all organised it well. I’ve sore legs to-day. I must have tried to run too hard. The route was even well thought out as it felt more like a 10k. Thanks for an enjoyable run.


Susan Lenaghan Murlough AC

I just want to say a major congratulations to the hard working committee who put this fantastic race together. Anyone I have spoken to had nothing but praise to say. Well done you. Also to all the MAC runners each one was fantastic and showed the commitment they have to running. A special mention to all the new guys who only started in May. Little did you know that 6 months later you would be running 8.4miles!!! I remember someone saying back then they could only run 90secs and had to stop. She completed on saturday!!! Great credit to you all. And don’t forget us marshalls and water stop. Our little clap and ‘keep going’ worked. So when is the next one?


Susan Lenaghan

Jane Rowe

Hi Carol

I too would like to say a big thank you to the committee members for organising such a Gr8 event on Saturday, I know how much hard work you all put in and it certainly paid off on the day, it was a credit to you all. Thanks to all the helpers and marshalls who gave us fantastic encouragement all the way around it was so appreciated. To reiterate what Barbara said I like many of the other beginners could not have come this far over the last few months without the support of the club and its members and in particular those who coached us and Paul for his patience with our group! For someone who “could not run the length of herself” back in May I am delighted to have survived my first race and what a way to start on home ground. Thanks again Murlough AC.

Jane Rowe

Dave Wilson , Downpatrick, 314

What a great day!!

Well done and thanks for a well organised and enjoyable event…..maybe next year therell be a few more locals out to give some more encouragement!!

Dave Wilson

Denis McKay, East Down AC


I would just like to congratulate you on the GR8 Dundrum Run on 16/10/2010, it was a spectacular run and really look forward to going again next year. Congratulations to you all.


Denis McKay

Karen, Mulholland, Groomsport


I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the run on Saturday. It was absolutely brilliant and extremely well organised. Nowhere before have I ever been offered tea and sandwiches at the end of a race (unless in a charity tent at the end of a marathon)! The scenery was gorgeous and it was super that you arranged for the weather to be good too!

Well done to all concerned and please keep me posted about next year’s race so we can get our names down nice and early.
My mum was thrilled at winning the over 55′s category and I was thrilled at a wee feel of Paddy’s bum on the finish line!

See you soon,


David Kirkpatrick


Many congratulations on what turned out to be a very successful inaugural “Gr8 Dundrum Run” on Saturday. It was a pleasure to take part on the day, a very enjoyable run and I truly believe that you and all the members of Murlough AC who were involved with organising and directing the race have good reason to be very pleased with your achievement and deserve recongnition and a pat on the back for your efforts in realising a well planned day which passed off without hitch. A good turnout of participants and supporters from all over the country and we even somehow managed to have both the weather and tides working in our favour which was a great surprise for this time of year. I look forward to next year in the hope you will be “running” the event again and wish your club all the best until then.



Kevin Mawhinney, Carrickfergus

Hi to all all Murlough AC,

Thanks for the great event. It was well organised and great fun. A great location. Do it again please.


Orla McElroy, Newry

This was a fab setting for a run, and very well organised, relaxed. It was great to run in a local event and know lots of people! Not to mention Alison’s excellent pumpkin soup to finish off a great day. It was a very friendly affair and I look forward to giving it another go next year:)

Orla McElroy

Richard Hand, Lurgan

Hi Carol,

A brilliant race at the weekend, well marshalled with everyone involved very helpful. Just checking to see if the results will be posted on this site or niaa site? Also is it possible to purchase those race tee-shirts, they looked really good?



Stephen Smyth, Belfast

Hi Carol,

What a great day. Of all the races I have ran that beats the lot. The branding looked superb and professional especially the tops and the posters. Mark and the team did a great job on that front.

Stephen Smyth